Third Chapter Kit

Game update is always a big holiday. Like a gift box, it is fraught with surprises: new hunting zones, new mechanics and new opponents! But without real gifts, of course, it will not do either. A gift kit with temporary equipment and consumables will be waiting for you in the 4game store, which will be useful for both beginners and old-timers of Elmoreden.

Where to pick up a gift?

  • Gifts can be picked up on the game Einhasad Shop:
Where to find Product Name Purchase Limit Sales Period
Game Einhasad Store

Commemorable Update Gift

1 pc. per account January 21— February 10

Contents of the kit

  • Third Chapter Kit is a set with a temporary variety of equipment that may be required by both a beginner and an experienced adventurer. Here you will find talismans, jewels, and accessories.
  • Nevit's Cloak of Light 30-day

  • Greater Red Cat's Eye Lv. 1 30-day

  • Greater Blue Cat's Eye Lv. 1 30-day
  • Greater Tanzanite Lv. 1 30-day
  • Greater Ruby Lv. 1 30-day
  • Greater Sapphire Lv. 1 30-day
  • Greater Opal Lv. 1 30-day
  • Greater Diamond Lv. 1 30-day
  • Greater Pearl Lv. 1 30-day
  • Greater Vital Stone Lv. 1 30-day
  • Greater Aquamarine Lv. 1 30-day
  • Death Knight's Ring 30-day
  • Heavenly Talisman Event
  • Ruler's Authority Event
  • High-grade Talisman of Skill Power Skill Critical Damage
  • High-grade Talisman of Attribute Attack Critical Damage for basic attacks
  • High-grade Talisman of Skill Cooldown P./M. Def.
  • Blessed Valakas' Necklace - Mind 30-day
  • Blessed Antharas' Earring - Shield 30-day
  • Lindvior's Earring - Pure 30-day
  • Freya's Ice Rose Event 200
  • Glowing Dragon's Attribute Potion (XP) Event 200
  • Honey Dark Beer Event 200
  • Emperor's Special Cocktail Event 100
  • Shining Nevit's Gold Hourglass Event 100
  • Tales of Aden Event 100
  • R-grade Soulshot Event 400000
  • Blessed R-grade Spiritshot Event 400000